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Alanna J. Ober – Fine Art

Alanna Ober Fine Art Logo
Alanna Ober Fine Art

In early 2017, Alanna contacted me with the idea of selling her handmade greeting cards online. As we discussed the scope of the project, it became clear we needed to start from square oneā€¦ a new logo for her new venture. Both of us being artists, we collaborated on a look that was unique and fitting to her style and overall purpose. Her beautiful painting of a buffalo seemed to be an identifiable image for her work and roots. With both of our meticulous natures at work, the logo design process went through several phases before it was finalized and enabled Alanna to move on to the next phase of her project. It was a pleasure working with Alanna, and to this day is one of my favorite clients. You can view her work and purchase her local made-in-Montana works of art at


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